Getting Started With The OneNote API

OneNote is one of the most popular note taking tools currently available cross-platform on desktops and mobile devices. With this API it’s now incredibly easy to incorporate things like note taking, researching, and group planning into your applications.

How It Works

The OneNote API runs on the Microsoft globally-available cloud, and sends data from your app into the user’s OneDrive. When the API sends the data to the OneNote notebook, it also does things like run OCR (optical character recognition) on images, rendering webpages as snapshot-images, and more. The OneNote API enables your app to capture HTML, images embedded in the request or at a URL, video, audio, email messages, and other common file types. Your app can even capture a snapshot image of a webpage for historical records and archiving.


OneNote API sends and retrieves information from OneNote notebooks on OneDrive.



As shown here in Objective-C for iOS, it’s simple to build and submit the create-page request.

Step-By-Step Instructions

You can find step-by-step setup and how-to articles as well as coding tips and tricks for using the Microsoft OneNote API here.

Tutorials and Code Samples


Click here for the developer website.