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Silent Dream is a 2D game for desktop and mobile that uses two sets of input to control two different characters
trapped in a bad dream. With one hand, you move a sleeping child out of harm’s way and collect
sweet dreams; with the other hand, you move a cat doll to protect the child from the incoming
nightmare creatures. Filled with love, the cat doll banishes the nightmares so the child can collect
enough sweet dreams to wake up from their horrible nightmare into a happy ending. However, if you
fall prey to too many nightmares, the dream cannot be salvaged and the game ends.

About the Process

One developer; one artist. Two designers from completely different worlds came together to make
something amazing. We poured our heart, soul, and resources into making our first game, Silent
Dream. It started with a prototype that had only the basic mechanics. We threw art, design, and story
ideas back and forth and quickly developed our vision into the game you see today, despite having no
outside funding. Going in with a solid plan made all the difference.

Download and Play!

Get it for Android on the Google Play store here!

Get it on your Windows 10 desktop here!

Possibly coming for iOS. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the developer diaries!

Github Repo

Link to the Github repository here. Learn what goes into making a finished game!


Game by Adina Shanholtz. Story and art by Dominic D’Andrea.
Adina and Dominic have been friends since college. Adina, wanting the experience of releasing a
polished, finished game, sought out her multi­talented friend Dominic to draw the art assets. As game
development progressed, we collaborated on design and storytelling on our first game over the course
of two months, communicating mostly via email, and checking in with each others’ progress frequently.
Adina brainstormed the initial idea and approached Dominic to flesh out the game’s look. Dominic
drafted and drew the art assets, and wrote the opening dialog. Adina programmed the entire project,
designed and recorded the music and audio, and continues production to publish on multiple stores.