So I was trying to build my Google Cardboard app to an Android phone and I got this error. This error can happen any time you build an app to Android from Unity. I was confused because I had tried all different USB modes, made sure the Google Drivers (as […]

Android USB Port From Unity Error

Here's an example of PhaserBrigade in VS Code
  So in my tour around different game creation tools, I’ve so far done Construct2, GameMaker, Unity, and have finally worked my way to Phaser.js. I recently designed a game called Defense Brigade, which was designed with Unity, so what better way to learn a new game design tool than […]

PhaserBrigade: Defense Brigade using Phaser.js

gameplay 2
I made a thing! It’s a cool thing!! I’ve used Construct2 and GameMaker so I figured it was about time to take it up a notch. Unity3D is a powerful game design platform (that’s also good for things like installation!) that a number of professional game devs use for their games. […]

Defense Brigade: Game Design with Unity3D

build 1
Hey guys, this is going to be the last dev diary for Defense Brigade for now. With our enemies spawning properly now, the main aspects of the game are done. Now all that’s left are the touch ups such as letting the player know how to play the game and […]

Dev Diary- Unity3D game Defense Brigade part 3

Movement code 2
Hey all! I’m starting a segment called Dev Diary to track progress when I start projects. Right now I’m working on a game in Unity3D which has the working title Defense Brigade.  This will be a place for me to post bits and pieces of unfinished projects, hurdles that I’ve […]

Dev Diary- Unity3D game Defense Brigade part 1

randomgeneratedenemies 1
Dev Diary part 2 – Electric Boogaloo. See here for the previous dev diary. So at this stage in the game we’ve got our characters controlled and not going off screen, but not much else. The next big players are the enemies. Enemy movement So the next big aspect of […]

Dev Diary- Unity3D game Defense Brigade part 2

Deploying a website from source control to Azure We have our website, now how do we get it on the cloud? Using popular source control systems such as GitHub, BitBucket, or CodePlex, it’s easy to use Azure’s built-in features to automate web app deployment. Azure makes it easy to roll […]

Deploying a Website to Azure

OneNote is one of the most popular note taking tools currently available cross-platform on desktops and mobile devices. With this API it’s now incredibly easy to incorporate things like note taking, researching, and group planning into your applications. How It Works The OneNote API runs on the Microsoft globally-available cloud, […]

Getting Started With The OneNote API

The OneDrive API allows developers to integrate OneDrive into their apps to store and manage user data across all major platforms, including Windows, the web, iOS, and Android. With the RESTful API, you can build on a scalable cloud storage platform that reaches users across the entire family of Microsoft […]

Getting Started With The OneDrive API

Screenshot (14)
So I have ADHD. That means a lot of things, but other than the obvious focus issues, it means I have a hard time with organization. Honestly, I’m really proud of my organization skills- unfortunately it’s just not a thing that comes really naturally. My first instinct for anything physical […]

Organize It!