Defense Brigade: Game Design with Unity3D 2

I made a thing! It’s a cool thing!!

I’ve used Construct2 and GameMaker so I figured it was about time to take it up a notch. Unity3D is a powerful game design platform (that’s also good for things like installation!) that a number of professional game devs use for their games. Thing is, I was familiar with Unity and have taught game design using it, but had yet to make a game of my own. I know, so sad.

So introducing Defense Brigade! Click Here to play.

Actual gameplay.

Actual gameplay.

Basically it’s a 2-D game with top down perspective, and functions so that you use both WASD and arrow keys to control. You control two characters, a weak character that’s vulnerable to enemy attacks and if hit will trigger a game over, and a strong character that’s invincible and will destroy enemies when running into them. The objective is to get the highest score.

I was inspired by the gameplay in Binding of Isaac, which also uses both WASD and arrow keys to control the main character. I thought I’d spice it up a bit and include two characters you can control instead of one. I think it gives the game a bit more of a challenge.

Defense Brigade took me about two weeks to make. You can track the progress made in my dev diary, the links to which I have listed below. I list the processes of creating a character controller, spawning waves, obstacles, sound, score and health display, instructions, lose screen, and finally deploying the game to a website.

Dev Diary #1

Dev Diary #2

Dev Diary #3

Future Improvements
Ideally I’d have different kinds of enemies, as well as touched up character sprites and animations. Right now sprites are set to a default sprite included with Unity3D. I find it useful to start with a box or a circle and then change it to something fancier.  In the same vein of making it pretty, I would also want a nice self designed background.

Thanks for playing!