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Let’s do something cool with Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained, untethered head-mounted holographic computing device for Mixed Reality! Mixed reality blends 3D holographic content into your physical world, giving holograms real-world context and scale, allowing you to interact with both digital content and the world around you. This guide […]

FruitWarrior MR HoloLens Workshop

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A little bit ago I made a blog post detailing an open source project I worked on called JabbR. It was waaaaay to hard to cram everything we learned into one blog post, so I’m dedicating this to discussing the “JabbR-Core Process”. Breaking it down: Where did we start? Porting […]

Open Source Team Contribution Process

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It’s been a while since I made a blog post. Looking back, seems like I jumped from project to project, since the last thing I did was release Silent Dream. I’m excited to talk about what I’ve been up to! The last four months I have been contributing to an […]

Contributing to Open Source

Creating an app bundle
Windows 10 Version This is a very special episode of dev diary where we discuss going through the process of adding UWP (universal windows platform) features to the Unity game Silent Dream. Some aspects were pretty simple, some were more complicated. I even ran into some completely unexpected issues that […]

Dev Diary- Silent Dream Part 3

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Almost a month ago when I opened up Word to create my roadmap for this game, I could only predict so much of what would need addressing. I’ve had to go back and add features multiple times and rearrange dates for when I predict I can finish certain tasks. While […]

Dev Diary- Silent Dream Part 2

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Summary Silent Dream is a 2D game for desktop and mobile that uses two sets of input to control two different characters trapped in a bad dream. With one hand, you move a sleeping child out of harm’s way and collect sweet dreams; with the other hand, you move a […]

Silent Dream

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A little while ago I made a first draft of a game called Defense Brigade which you can play here. While making it, I started publishing dev diaries as a way to track my progress and mention things that might have tripped me up. Well, I decided to turn it […]

Dev Diary- Silent Dream Part 1

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I had never been to a PAX conference before PAX East 2016 two weeks ago. Although there are a number of reasons why, the main one was that I never considered myself a “gamer” until this year, despite having grown up avidly playing games since I could hold a gameboy. […]

Jumping to Conclusions: Inclusivity at PAX East

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Last week two important events occurred, all within the span of two days. Nintendo fired employee Alison Rapp after she became a victim of online harassment, and then the company released their first and much anticipated mobile app Miitomo. It takes a lot to alienate a lifelong fan, and somehow Nintendo […]

How Nintendo Lost my Trust in the Span of a ...

Ever wanted to make your own virtual reality game but weren’t sure where to start? This guide will get you going using Unity and a Google Cardboard to make your first VR game. Unity is free to download and you can either make your own Cardboard or buy one from […]

5 Steps To Making Your First VR Game